We witness new resolution, hard work and increased awareness. We witness a promise of imminent defeat of polio in Pakistan

I joined the polio programme as soon as I got the opportunity in 1997. It has been a tough but fulfilling journey all these 18 years. I stop hundreds of buses every day to vaccinate the children travelling with their families.

With persistence I achieved an education and that enabled me to serve my community and contribute to realizing the goal of a polio-free Pakistan.

I reach the transit point vaccination post around 7:30 in the morning to stuff the cool box with vaccine vials and ice packs and go out to stop buses and cars to vaccinate the children on board.

For parents who dwell on misconceptions, you have to appeal to their values. If you attack them, you lose them. That’s how I deal with parents refusing the vaccine for their children and that’s how I win their trust and respect.

Qadir Gillani
Vaccinator at Permanent Transit Point
Hyderabad, Karachi, Sindh Province