March 20, 2017 - To support the upcoming anti-polio campaign, EOC Coordinator Syed Faisal hold a press conference on Friday at EOC Balochistan. “Vaccinate your children to make them healthy so that they can also enlighten the name of the province and country by becoming good sportsman like Shahzaib Barech and Shazaib Rind”, said EOC Coordinator in the press conference. The session was fully supported by Provincial Scholars Task Force and all of the provincial PSTF members has actively participated in the event. More than 25 journalists along with the representatives of government, UNICEF and WHO has attended the session.

Shahzaib Barech, International champion of Kyokushin karate and Shahzaib Rind, International Champion of Wushu were the Chief Guest of the event. The young champions emphasize on the importance of health and sports and urge parents to vaccinate the children of under 5 years of age to protect them from life-long disability caused due to polio virus. They also inaugurated the anti-polio drive which is staring from March 20, 2017 in 29 districts of Balochistan.

In 2016, two polio cases were reported in Quetta and Chaman. Still the environmental samples from Quetta, Pishin and Killa Abdullah are positive posing the threats of disability to hundreds of children of Balochistan. EOC Coordinator said that we all are here today to demonstrate our commitment to ending the fight against polio and we are sure that our passion and commitments will definitely mark us a polio free nation soon.

The PSTF members said that they are struggling hard to convenience the refusals and motivate them for polio vaccination. EOC Coordinator and PSTF members applauded the efforts of Media for raising awareness about the polio disease and its only cure – the anti-polio vaccine.

In the National campaign starting from coming Monday, more than 24 lakh and 28 thousand children will be given anti-polio drops in 29 districts of the province. Around 9690 polio teams will participate and perform the duties of vaccination of the targeted children.