Pakistan is getting ever closer to achieving its target of polio eradication through exemplary coordination and collaboration of federal and provincial governments at political and administrative level.

To ascertain and validate the existing data about children under five years of age, health departments of respective provincial governments are undertaking an exercise to register and validate the numbers of children under five years of age in various UCs of Karachi, Sukkur, Kashmore, Qambar, Peshawar, Quetta block and North and South Waziristan. Community Health Workers and monitors from the provincial health departments are assigned to ensure all houses and children will be reached when the vaccination campaign begins in August.

The health departments requests parents to cooperate with the community health workers from the local neighborhood in the child registration process. This valuable contribution from the parents and community elders will help the health departments determine the exact numbers of children under five years of age in each of these UCs and ensure that no child is missed in the upcoming vaccination campaigns against polio.