The campaign targeting approximately 36.8 million under five children across Pakistan has been conducted successfully in all the provinces / areas. 161 out of 164 districts have reported coverage data to the National EOC.

During three day campaign and 1 catch up day completed, a total of 35.19 million (97%) children have been vaccinated. Out of total 3.57 million children recorded as un-vaccinated during the first visit, so far 2.61 million (73.15%) have been covered after revisit on catch up day. Out of total 83,332 refusals recorded, 44% have been covered after revisit and still refusals are 46,967 (0.13% of the targeted children). A total of 130,632 children were reported with Zero Routine dose during the campaign.

Campaign will be conducted on different dates in Tehsil Debondi in Killaabdullah, Swabi, 5 tribal UCs of DG Khan, Shawa and Spinwam areas in North Waziristan. Due to heavy snowfall, the campaign could not be held in 10 UCs of Chitral, 2 UCs of Skardu & 1 UC of Astore.

Due to heavy rainfall that affected the campaign in areas, the catch-up has been extended for one day (18th March) in Mansehra, Lakkimarwat, Faisalabad, DG Khan, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Khanewal.

National Emergency Operation Centre monitored the campaign through federal field monitors and issued real time feedback to the provinces and areas. The LQAS and 3rd Party post campaign assessment have started and results will be available in about a week time.

National EOC Coordinator, Dr. Rana Muhammad Safdar said in the statement that these polio campaigns are of crucial significance as these will drive us to the final finish line of polio eradication therefore it is of dire importance to maintain the quality. Any missed child in the polio campaign is a potential threat to fail us in the efforts, he further stressed on covering the missed children in the campaign.

National EOC has planned five nationwide polio campaigns up to May 2016 to arrest the poliovirus transmission across the country. While National and Provincial EOCs are also in preparation to conduct special IPV campaigns to boost the immunity level of the target population. In Balochistan along with the IPV administration, children will also be vaccinated against measles.