Abdul Sattar Mohammed, Transit route vaccinator in Karachi toll plaza, Sindh




I work within a team around the clock to vaccinate all children travelling in and out of Sindh. We check each and every bus coming and going through the toll plaza. We board the buses, administer polio drops to the children and mark their fingers as vaccinated against polio.

It is critical that children on the move be immunized otherwise we will have polio importation from somewhere else. We have heard that most of the polio cases are not from Sindh and came from migrant populations from the north. Immunizing children coming to Karachi means it is less likely that polio will be imported. The vaccine helps our children grow up healthy and be more productive. If they are disabled they won’t be able to develop and work and will be an economic liability.

Abdul Sattar Mohammed
Transit Route Vaccinator
Karachi Toll Plaza, Sindh Province