Samra Afzal, Broadcast Journalist in Lahore, Punjab



“I have been supporting the Polio Eradication Initiative through reporting on the ground realities such as remote areas, threats to polio teams and addressing conspiracy theories about polio drops. I try to give a clear message to all refusal families that the decision to reject the vaccine might compromise the future of their children. Whenever I meet a polio victim I always think about the parentsand the misery the child must be going through. It is extremely frustrating as I know that prevention is as simple as giving two drops to every child every time

Changing peoples' minds is not an easy task but we must keep trying hard.

The private media should allocate airtime for health programs not only in Urdu but also in regional languages to spread the word at large and contribute towards making Pakistan polio free.”

Samra Afzal
Broadcast Journalist
Lahore, Punjab Province