KPK Governor appreciates the tremendous progress political administration of FATA


The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor Engr. Iqbal Zafar Jhagrawhile appreciating the tremendous progress of health and political administration of FATA in the fight against Polio has directed all the Political Agents and Agency Surgeons to ensure polio eradication from the entire region within first three months of 2017.


The Governor said that Eradication of Polio is government’s top most priority and Political administration should also ensure that they continue to take every possible initiative to ensure that no child across the region is left unvaccinated in the upcoming campaigns in 2017.


He said that the last miles are always considered the hardest but without covering them no one can claim victory, therefore, he asked the health officials and political administration to leave no stone unturned and ensure that Polio is once for all defeated across FATA. “FATA is almost polio free and by ensuring high quality campaigns and reaching out to each and every child across the agencies will make eradication a reality, he said.  The Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa urged international partners to also enhance support in improving routine immunization, as it is vital for achieving and sustaining polio eradication.


The Governor was presiding over a high level meeting of Provincial Task Force for polio eradication FATA at Governor House Peshawar on Tuesday. The meeting reviewed the overall polio situation and progress of anti-polio campaign in FATA.


Prime Minister Focal Person for Polio SenatorAysha Raza Farooq,UNICEF team lead for Polio Pakistan, Aidan Oleary, representatives of WHO, Bill and Malanda Gates Foundation (BMGF), Rotary International, Principal Secretary to Governor, Coordinator EOC FATA, Agency Surgeons, Political Agents, Commissioners, Deputy commissioners, and officials of health departments were also among the attendants.


Senator Ayesha Raza appreciated the progress shown by FATA in combating the threat of polio virus to over one million children in the region but urged them that “We have come very close to our goal but this should not slow us down rather we should aim to carry out three high quality campaigns in the new year and defeat the virus completely by March 2017and ensure that we could sustain it for the next three years.” She said that given the progress and commitment shown by FATA health and Political Administration, this can be done easily.


Earlier, EOC FATArepresentative Dr. Nadeem Jan briefed the Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and participants of the meeting about 2016 achievements and future plans for 2017. The progress in achieving the higher standards of polio campaigns throughout 2016 was considered the hallmark of FATA performance. He informed that as compared to 179 polio cases reported in 2014, only two cases were reported from FATA in 2016,which is because of dedication,hard work and diligence shown on the part of political agents, PEI international partners and EOC FATA Team.


While appreciated the support provided by law enforcing agencies in improving access of polio team in FATA, Governor stressed the need to develop strong communication networking and coordination with Afghanistan and KP teams to ensure that deadly virus circulation is eliminated from this region within first three months of 2017.


He directed the political administration of FATA to show ownership of this national cause and fight against polio and provide all out efforts and support to enable the anti-polio teams to vaccinate every child in the tribal region. He issued the directions at all levels to ensure the security arrangements for the teams and their monitors to eradicate polio as it was the top most priority of the incumbent Government.Governor also appreciated the role of international community and assured his full support to wipe out the crippling disease from the country. 

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