Story of a brave and courageous Female Community Mobilizer



Nazneen is a Female Community Mobilizer working in union council 69, Lahore, Pakistan's second largest city.

She is responsible for going door to door and inform the parents about risks to their children if they are not vaccinated.As an FCM, she prepares list of all children who have not been vaccinated for any vaccine in the area and provide information about location, day, date and time for routine immunization to the community.

"Very often parents do not adhere to routine immunization schedule. Some of them show laxity. While some of them just forget to take their children to hospital", says Nazneen.

"We emphasise on the parents to ensure timely vaccination as this is the only way their child can be fully protected against all preventable diseases", FCM Nazneen says.

"I also recommend the parents to refer any other child who is unvaccinated in their neighbourhood to the nearby centres and always look for finger mark of a child who is below five", she says. "It is my passion to work for the children. It is their smile that makes my day and helps me keep going all day, irrespective of extremely hot weather, rain or cold", Nazneen says.

Nazneen is one of the 27 FCMs working in the UC who ensure that not a single child remains unvaccinated. "I know that the next immunization campaign is just 14 days away, and I am already drawing my plans to reach every child", she says.

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