Abdul Wahab, community elder and member of a political party in Quetta, Balochistan




“I have been supporting the polio eradication initiative for the past two years and my role is to convince people to accept the vaccine. It is a difficult task but being a recognized community elder with political affiliation people listen to me. I have been able to convert refusals and convince families that they must secure the future of their children when polio teams come to immunize them. There were more than 1,500 refusals in the area I belong to, but because of my efforts only 500 or so are left and we will address them as well.

Polio causes a lifetime physical disability, let alone the psychological problems. It breaks my heart to see a child in my community go through such pain, especially when it can be prevented.“

Abdul Wahab
Community Elder And
Member Of A Political Party

Quetta, Balochistan Province