Abdul Sattar Edhi Social Worker and Philanthropist in Karachi, Sindh




“I am 85 years old now and I have dedicated my whole life to philanthropic activities which range from running orphanages to providing free ambulance services. Pakistani people recognize me for the work that I have done and by the grace of God they have trust in me. I try to counter pervasive rumors about the polio vaccine. I give messages on the media and other forums that the polio vaccine is safe. I have also offered my fleet of 1,800 ambulances to serve as mobile vaccination units during all polio campaigns. My over 300 philanthropic health centers administer polio drops to children throughout Pakistan. Inshallah polio will be eradicated from Pakistan, but for that we need to keep working with dedication and honesty.”

Abdul Sattar Edhi
Social Worker and Philanthropist
Karachi, Sindh Province